Greenwood Park Opens for Business

The Greenwood Heights beer garden is just a stone's throw away from Windsor Terrace.

Ever had a really bad day that only drinking a beer outdoors will fix? Happily, a new locale for backyard boozing has opened up just down the street, in neighboring Greenwood Heights.

Greenwood Park, located at 555 7th Ave., opened its doors to hoards of enthusiastic imbibers last night.

Our own research ("research") has shown us that though drinks and food are both pretty pricey post-happy hour (which spans from 12 to 7 p.m.), the sprawling backyard and appealing outdoor-indoor barscape will likely warrant repeat visits. For, you know, research.

Beth S. June 29, 2012 at 10:08 PM
Very excited about Greenwood Park. I'm confused about the "pricey" comment in your article, though. I just saw a pic in my Facebook feed of the menu board and the prices seemed reasonable: average draft of good beer $6; pitchers for $18; hot dogs $4; fries $4; burgers $7; sausage and peppers $8; most bottled beer $5--not exactly Slope or Manhattan prices, and this is still NYC, after all.


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