Tacos and Burrito Grill Raises the Grade

The "C" grade of Prospect Park West has finally cleaned up its act.

We noticed on Wednesday, as we ripped shamelessly into a carnitas-filled chalupa, that our friends at Tacos and Burrito Grill on Prospect Park West have replaced their semi-alarming orange "C" health inspection grade with a "Grade Pending" sign. 

The new sign says that the restaurant was re-inspected on June 11. According to the Health Department website, the restaurant racked up a total of 22 violation points this time around, meaning good news for local burrito lovers: Twenty-two points qualifies the restaurant for a "B" grade. 

The two main offenses lodged against the restaurant were the temperatures at which food is stored. (According to the description, hot food is not stored hot enough, nor is cold food stored cold enough.) 

This is a vast improvement from, say, January of this year, when Tacos and Burrito Grill earned itself a whopping 40 violation points, with the listed critical offenses confirming our worst fears: "Evidence of mice or live mice present."

Want to know more about the cleanliness of you favorite restaurant than you ever wanted? Check out our . 



Angie Brooke June 21, 2012 at 12:56 AM
When this place was called Clemen's it was so much better. Food just isn't as good as it was say a year ago :( Sad cuz it's been my go to burrito place forever.
CC June 26, 2012 at 07:03 PM
Have to disagree - the food is superb every time i go


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