Walgreens Officials Say They're Open to Sharing Space with a Grocer

In an effort to appease residents worried about losing the neighborhood's last grocery store, Walgreens officials said they plan to offer fresh produce, dairy and a deli.

Officials for the Walgreens store that will replace the Windsor Terrace Key Foods – the last true grocery store in the neighorhood – says that they plan to dedicate a “significant” amount of space to fresh produce and meat, says the Brooklyn Paper.

Walgreens says they hope to partner with a grocer to sell “fresh fruit, vegetables, and frozen meat” as well as a dairy and deli meat section.

“All options are on the table,” Walgreens spokesman Robert Elfinger told the paper.

At this time, the company had no specifics about how much square footage the store will dedicate to fresh food.

Walgreens’ new promises are surely an effort to boost its reputation in Windsor Terrace, where neighbors haven’t taken kindly to the chain store’s plans to move in.

, who believed that a Walgreens would not be a comparable substitute for Key Foods, and that it would provide unfair competition to two locally owned pharmacies.

In August, protested outside of the store and circulated a petition.

A Patch poll earlier this summer found that and hoped that the lack of business would drive the chain out. Twenty-two percent said that as long as they have a decent selection of groceries, they would stop in, and 10 percent were resigned that the store may be their only option for food.

Windsor Terrace resident Ryan Lynch told the Brooklyn Paper that the area needed something more like “a full-service grocery store … not a glorified 7-Eleven” and hoped that the company would work more closely with the community.

Steve LeVine August 29, 2012 at 05:30 AM
While this sounds somewhat encouraging, Walgreens has still yet to engage the community directly. They are providing sound bites to the media but have yet to set a meeting to discuss any specifics. We hope they are moving in the direction they indicate which at least is a step forward but still a long way to go.
ABC123 August 30, 2012 at 11:47 PM
the comment by Ryan Lynch is absolutely correct, Windsor Terrace needs “a full-service grocery store … not a glorified 7-Eleven”. I shudder to think about the 10% in the poll who are resigned to considering potato chips and soda from Walgreens to be their only options for food.


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