Ghost Dog is Ready for Adoption

The mythical creature is healed, trained and ready for a new home.

Cats may have nine lives, but Ghost Dog will have at least two.

Eight months ago, the mysterious Cane Corso was little more than a legend, a mythical being whose longtime presence in Prospect Park was the source of plenty of half-baked theories and wild speculation, but little actual knowledge of where he came from or how he survived.

Now, he's about to embark on a decidedly more domestic chapter of his life—by being adopted into a new home.

Sean Casey, who apprehended Ghost Dog from the park in May after noticing him limping, has spent the months since his capture working to rehabilitate the animal, who in addition to his injured back leg also suffered from Lyme disease, along with a deep wariness of people.

The Lyme disease treated and his confidence strengthening each day, Casey has begun the painstaking process of finding a suitable home for a gentle giant accustomed to years of living on his own. 

From Sean Casey Animal Rescue's Facebook page:

Ghost Dog is a beautiful, friendly dog and he is about 4 years old. He is neutered and up to date with vaccinations. Although he is still nervous going outside, he now enjoys going for walks and we expect that he will continue to improve.

Ghost Dog is very strong and his new guardian will need to be physically capable of handling him as well as emotionally capable of training him. We feel that a home with an experienced dog owner having those qualities is the best option for Ghost Dog. If there is a back yard available it needs to be very secure (having a yard is not a requirement).

There you have it, folks. If you think you're the right owner for Ghost Dog, email adoptghostdog@gmail.com.

Be patient, as Casey and his staff are expecting a large volume of responses and want to assess each potential adopter carefully.

jojogirl December 22, 2012 at 07:31 PM
I hope and pray dat he will get a happy loving family. Or owner. With experience with animals and dogs and is patient person,I love animals god knows but I can't afford another pet..I have my sons pitbull .I've raised since he was three weeks and he's ten..and ill do anything for him.I hope ghost dog finds dat unconditional love he so deserves.


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