Give Us Your GoogaMooga Grievances

The weekend's food and music festival left much to be desired. Whine along with us here.

Like most events of its scale, the Great GoogaMooga, which attracted tens of thousands to Prospect Park's Nethermead meadow over the weekend, had its share of critics.

Here's our breakdown of the Major Complaints lodged against the festival. Feel free to add your own in the comments below!

Lack of cell phone service: Remember the days when you had to, you know, plan to meet your friends, and then actually show up at the agreed-upon place on time? Like wisdom teeth and male nipples, the brain function for planning has become just another disused vestige of an earlier time—specifically, the '80s. While there was something adorably retro about having to coordinate a "meeting place," the charm was quick to fade the first time you lost your group waiting in the winding line for pork papusas.

Lack of toilet paper: There are certain discomforts a person should come to expect when braving an outdoor music festival, and unpleasant toilet conditions is one of them. However, it's easy to develop an inflated sense of entitlement after consuming one's fifth craft cocktail, asserting that it's your God-given right to use the bathroom like a human being, and not a craft cocktail-consuming chimp. What is this, Woodstock? (Incidentally, our favorite comment from the weekend was courtesy of one dreamy-eyed 20-something woman, who referred to GoogaMooga as "the Woodstock of our generation." Discuss.)

Lack of food (?!): It's one thing to carp about GoogaMooga's shortcomings when your ticket cost $0. It's another when you paid $250 for "Extra Mooga" in anticipation of stuffing into your face all the food and beer you can before throwing up on the sparkling banks of the Lullwater. But when, by mid-afternoon on Saturday, the food is gone and all that's left on tap is Woodchuck Cider? Riot time.

Destruction to the park: In addition to the fact that everyday park-goers were barred entry from an ostensibly public space, the presence of thousands of feet trampling the park's grasses was hardly beneficial for the many species of animals that live there. Wildlife rehabilitator Anne-Katrin Titze had this to say about the festival: "The only lake and forest which is a wildlife habitat in Brooklyn, should not be invaded in mid-May by an enterprise so far removed from the natural beauty of Prospect Park. The story is that a commercial venture has been allowed and welcomed by the Prospect Park Alliance/Parks to take over the entire Nethermead Meadow, Lullwater with the woodlands, and
Boathouse during mid-May when this location is not only a prime migratory
bird watching site but also nesting grounds for the resident wildlife at
exactly this time of the year."

Got another grievance to add to the list? Tell us about it below.

Billy G May 22, 2012 at 06:29 PM
Dudley, thanks for that last comment which saves me the time to both address your limited English language skills (All Caps? Really?), and provides the perfect platform to display your ignorance. Your comment was perfect, and clearly demonstrates either a) you are a child using your parents computer when you shouldn't be, or more likely b) you have a limited education, possibly a learning disorder and an IQ in the double digits. I rest my case.
Dudley Escobar May 22, 2012 at 06:37 PM
Hi, I'm Billy G. I can't figure out how to put my comments in the correct place. I'm also an adult who calls himself "Billy".
Mark L May 22, 2012 at 10:02 PM
Can't We All Just Get Along ? SMH, Everybody Just Build A Bridge, And Get Over It. I Actually Missed The Far. I Went to A Different Fair. The 5th Ave Fair in Brooklyn.Not Sure What was More Fare ! Brooklyn is Expolding With People. What Can i say ?
Dios Thunders May 24, 2012 at 03:47 PM
I liked the insanely rediculous comment the writter of the article quoted "favorite comment from the weekend was of 2 dreamy-eyed 20-something woman who referred 2 GoogaMooga as "the Woodstock of r generation") all I can say 2 this is WTF hahahah no chance baby doll.u have no musicans 2 make it so anyway They served FOIE GRAS there? R u kidding?The only person whos a experianced musican & a GREAT promoter who knows how 2 put tours & shows in door & out from the sound production 2 the talent the food 4 the crowds & 4 back stage & would NEVER ask 4 267 dollars is Little Stevie Steven Van Zant from Bruce Springsteen in 04 he put together a monumental show on Randalls 50 bands 20 bucks free bus shuttle no over charging 4 water drinks food they were NO PROBLEMS everyone was cool it only got a bit wild when Bruce come on stage & during IGGY POPs set & thats when photographers like myself & others get away from the middle & go 2 the side off the stage bodies were flying! He also did 4 free save CBGBs in Washington Sq park & it was so well orginzed the sound was perfect the people behaved back stage there were mountians of food tee shirts ice cold drinks & it was smooth as glass even the fans who found the fence that cut off back stage from the people were well behaved & didnt go nuts a little when GAVIN ROSSDALE from Bush came over 2 themThe craziest behaviour on stage & back stage was FLAVOR FLA hes exactly as uc on TV nuts Next time call Van Zant he'll bring real talent 2
Dios Thunders May 24, 2012 at 03:47 PM
I'm just saying.............


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