Brooklyn, Meet the Nets.

New look. New town. New attitude.


This has been the introduction given by the Nets starting roster that you most likely have seen at bus stops throughout Brooklyn, even making its way into Knickerbocker territory in subway stops and on billboards throughout Manhattan. While I question the appeal of the secondary information accompanying the players (Really, Gerald Wallace? Off-season fisherman?), it's a simple and effective way of getting these names out there and reminding the residents of Brooklyn, both natives and transplants alike, that there is about to be a sports team in the borough.

This is exciting for a number of reasons. I grew up watching the New Jersey Nets, so as a former New Jerseyian myself (R.I.P. ), I'm glad to see that the Nets have followed my move and declared Brooklyn as their new home. The move itself is no big surprise. The Nets have essentially been trying to move to NYC since they first joined the NBA, but the fact that it's finally happening has all of a sudden brought the Nets back into relevance. Even making it to back-to-back finals in '02 and '03 could not do that.

From a purely basketball standpoint, the Nets have desperately needed this change as well. The post-Jason Kidd era has been marred with injuries, the worst start to a season in NBA history (0-18), Johan Petro, and with Brooklyn always looming, there was a tepid attitude permeating those final games in Newark – a longing among both Nets players and fans to clean the slate and begin anew.

Brooklyn will certainly provide that opportunity. They have a new roster (say what you will about Joe Johnson's gargantuan contract, but the guy can play), an all-star point guard who validated the Nets' move to Brooklyn by re-signing, an impressive new stadium, and fantastically revamped branding (thanks Jay-Z, it's good to know how much influence owning 0.0007% of a team can get you).

But that is only half the battle. They still have to go out and win, and that's not something the Nets have been all that good at. Now, being a Nets fan isn't quite as taxing on one's soul as being a Mets fan (DISCLAIMER: I'm not one. I leave that perpetual torture to the rest of my family), but it certainly comes with its own set of baggage. Watching the last few seasons has been particularly draining (here's some stellar basketball for ya), but the one thing that's kept me cautiously optimistic has been the prospect of a new start for the Nets. I think that is something Deron, Brook "Batman's Biggest Fan" Lopez and the rest of the roster have been awaiting as well.

Once the season starts, this blog will be focused on the Nets' individual and team gameplay, and the overarching playoff push to see which team gets to lose to the Miami Heat. I encourage conversation and feedback throughout. I've spent the last year heckling Nets bloggers on Twitter (@mgelberg) and I hope other Nets fans (and Knicks sympathizers) can continue the fun. There's a lot to look forward to in this inaugural season for the Brooklyn Nets (still looks cool seeing that), and I'm excited to share my thoughts, frustrations, and enthusiasm as the games get underway.

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Paul Leonard September 07, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Thanks for the feedback, Phillip. Here are just three recent examples of Patch's coverage of those critical of Barclays Center and the Atlantic Yards projects as a whole: http://patch.com/A-x8m6 http://patch.com/A-xwqS http://patch.com/A-xr6c
Ekayani Chamberlin September 07, 2012 at 07:53 PM
@ Phillip Yes let them advertise instead of pretending to be from the neighborhood. @ Paul thanks for those links. I think the issue lies in hired guns like posing as locals and talking about the Nets to the exclusion of everything else. It's just plain obnoxious and unappreciated. It's never nice to be taken as a fool. But then again Ratner thinks he can buy everything.
Amy Sara Clark September 07, 2012 at 10:19 PM
@ Ekayani, both of these bloggers live in the neighborhood and are not associated with the Barclays Center. There really are Nets fans who live in Prospect Heights.
Jake September 13, 2012 at 03:30 PM
Thanks to Ekayani and Philip for reminding AOL and its employees that this arena was a land grab of unprecedented proportions and there are still so so many promises forgotten. If you're lucky and weren't hoping for a job or an apt from this deal, maybe it's easy to turn a blind eye and root for the Nets. If you do need help and expected the developers, city, state, ESDC, etc. to make good on their promises, it's a pretty bitter pill to swallow every time you cross the intersection of Atlantic & Flatbush (renamed Lies & Profits).
Ekayani Chamberlin September 13, 2012 at 05:55 PM
@ Amy yeah sure they are. When did they get here...2010? Please. @ Jake thank you. Amy I think you are a bit naive.Sweet but naive. I was born in this town and I have seen it ALL.


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